Wednesday, May 27, 2015

June 2015

June is the start of the summer months.  Kids will be getting out of school and going to camps, on picnics and to the beach.  Life is a little less structured for summer, but we still need to have good, healthy food.  What is June known for?  It always makes me chuckle.
June is Country Cooking Month, and Effective Communication Month. It is Turkey Lover’s Month, and National Ice Tea Month.  And if you wanted to Ride the Bull Naked, June is the month to do it.  June is also Georgia Blueberry Month.  I love blueberries and they are so good for you and fun to use in food preparation. 

Blueberry Summer Salad for two

2 cups baby spinach leaves                                                    
¼ cup of blueberries                                                               
1 Tablespoon crumbled bleu cheese (can substitute Feta Cheese)     
1 or 2  Tablespoons  low-fat balsamic vinaigrette (to taste)
Salt and Pepper to taste         
Place spinach leaves in a low salad bowl.
Add the blueberries, blue cheese, and drizzle the salad
    dressing.  Serves 2-3

If you like blackberries. you can substitute them for the blueberries.  But it sure  tastes great as it is.  This and other recipes for many  salads are in my book, In Addition…to the Entrée.  You can get a copy from me anytime.

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