Monday, November 24, 2014

The website I have used for all my ideas and what a month is known for is not available any more.  I really loved that site and had lots of fun on it.  December is a very important month.  It is the holidays!  But what else is the month known for?
December is also known as National Write a Business Plan Month, and Gluten Free Baking Week of Dec 12-20 and National Cookie Day which is December 4th.  But it is also Root Vegetable and Exotic Fruit Month.  What the heck is a root vegetable?  I did this late December.

A ‘Root Vegetable’ is any underground part of a plant—the root.  This part is the starchy tuber or taproot of the plant.  If we let them be they would provide the plant with needed nourishment to thrive.  Instead, we pull them up and eat them.  What are a few examples of root vegetables?  Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, turnips, rutabagas, yams, and carrots to name just a few.  I know I discussed the rutabaga several months ago, so let’s take a closer look at the carrot and what we can do with that. 

This is one of my aunt Jane’s favorite recipes.  She gave it to me and said to enjoy it and I really have.  So I named the recipe after her.  Let’s see what we can do with a carrot.

Aunt Jane’s Carrot Salad

1 lb fresh carrots, cooked (It is about 3-3 ½ cups or you
        can substitute 2 cans of carrots)
1 green pepper, chopped
1 medium onion , chopped
½ cup sugar
½ cup vegetable oil ( or olive oil)
½ cup vinegar (use your favorite)
1 can tomato soup

Slice fresh carrots and cook until crisp.
Mix the other ingredients, then add carrots last.
Tastes better if it is made the day before.
Serves 4-6

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.  Very easy and very tasty.  It gets better the longer it is made.